Will County Coalition for the People

We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our quality of life for the people of Will County.

We share the common belief that we in Will County can do better.


The Challenge:

The unplanned, overdevelopment of intermodal facilities and warehouses in Will County is threatening our quality of life. We are growing too fast without a long-term vision that protects our residents and delivers promised benefits. As a community, we cannot safely handle the development we have today. With more development in the works, our problems have compounded and reached a dangerous tipping point. We must take action.


We will advocate for:

  • Encouraging smart, sensible, diverse and planned development
  • Making our roads and communities safe
  • Protecting our air and water
  • Holding developers accountable for their actions and impacts
  • Growing travel and tourism
  • Protecting our property value


We, the Will County community, are paying and will continue to pay for the social, environmental and financial costs of unbridled intermodal and warehousing growth. We must fix today’s problems before it’s too late.


The Village of Elwood, IL formed the Will County Coalition for the People as a community platform to work together to tackle the many issues impacting the quality of life in Will County. We are responding to mounting concerns from residents who are seeking long-term, sustainable solutions to the complex challenges we are facing. This coalition provides the community a platform to share information and express ideas to ultimately bring about change in Will County.